EFS to attend The Freight Summit in Macao
Monday, September 12th, 2011   Posted in:News

EFS will be attending The Freight Summit in Macao/Hong Kong next month for a week to meet new partner’s, service provider’s and client’s from around the globe.

The event puts independant freight forwarder’s, qualified as looking for business to specific markets or for specific solutions, together in one open networking event. The event is in its fourth year and comes highly recommended to EFS by other friendly partners. It will also provide EFS a platform to meet up with current partner’s from the Far East.

EFS is excited about attending the event as it will show case EFS capabilities to a captive audience of potential partner’s, and improve the global network of the company, benefitting the UK shipper (EFS valued client base), and in accordance with the company’s committment to continual improvement. Business development and cargo nominations are high on the agenda.

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