Successful business trip – The Freight Summit in Macao
Tuesday, November 8th, 2011   Posted in:News

EFS attended The Freight Summit in Macao last month for a week to meet new partner’s, service provider’s and client’s from around the globe.

The trip was a success and has greatly enhanced the partner network for EFS; presented new business opportunities and also provided solutions for existing requirements.

Already EFS has seen new business from the relationships made as witnessed in new routed cargo nominations, and a big solution to help cement a tender to move almost a whole rally team’s kit (including vehicles) to NZ for the WRC next year – this involves a huge amount of data gathering due to the ATA CARNET nature of the movement and coordinating arrival of kit with NZ’s MAF.













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I enjoy working with Executive Freight very much and would recommend them to other exporters and importers.

Karen Coningsby – Head of Shipping

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