EFS becomes a member of Bedford Chamber of commerce
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012   Posted in:News

EFS recently became a member of Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce. The decision to choose Bedfordshire, when EFS has offices in Hampshire & Cambridgeshire, was taken because EFS has a good contact at the chamber and EFS will get greater exposure to more exporters geographically in the UK.

Furthermore, EFS will now be able to bring document services in house using the Chamber online system. Document services such as EC Certificates of Origin, chamber attesting of invoices, EUR 1 and ATR forms. Not only will this widen the services offered by EFS to its client base but also the cost saving will be passed on to clients.

Professional memberships
With dedication and professionalism, EFS has been helping Cariongo to grow in the Angola Oil & Gas Market
E. Jorge Adriano / Technical Director /

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