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EFS staff pass IATA Dangerous Goods revalidation course
Monday, February 6th, 2012   Posted in:Cheap Tramadol Cod

Any air freight specialist aspires to have a full IATA licence, in part because this allows the freight forwarder to  deal with every airline unhindered and gain both access to their preferential rates and airline recognition, also in part for the cudos of the highly sought after IATA Cargo Agent status.

Full IATA  membership requires 2 or more staff to be dangerous goods qualified to IATA standard. This is the most highly regulated area of transporting dangerous goods, especially when it comes to handling & moving dangerous goods on passenger aircraft.

EFS has 3 IATA qualified dangerous goods staff on hand at our operations hub in Farnborough. Fully hazardous aware, especially in relation to new areas of concern to airlines like Lithium Ion batteries in shipments.

We are please to confirm that 2 team members have completed their 2 year refresher revalidation course, 2 and a half days intensive updating and refreshing.

Damion Kinnell 100%

Rob Mitchell 95%

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We were introduced to the superb Executive Freight team when our previous freight forwarder were unable to help us make air shipments of magnetic...
Richard Newlove MD
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