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01252 513300
EFS flies a GT3 race car to Miami
Thursday, January 24th, 2013   Posted in:Cheap Tramadol Cod

Building on its success with moving a rally team to various points for the WRC earlier last year, EFS is proud to announce a continuation with moving this cargo (cars and kit) for various prestigious race & rally teams. Featured below an Aston Martin Racing Vantage GT3 – the latest model of GT car Aston Martin produce. Delivered using a car transporter with our staff witnessing the screening and loading onto airline ULD.

This flew from London to Miami late November 2012 by direct flight.
Built by Prodrive in Banbury, they manage Aston Martin Racing.
This car is a display model only, and has no engine, gearbox, fuel tank or battery so cannot be driven.
It was sent to an American race organisation for display only.
Having only 20mm of ground clearance the loading, unloading was very
precarious! – the front and back spoilers were

removed for carriage.

For any enquiries over motorsport or project shipments please contact
us and ask

for the EFS Motorsport & Project Forwarding Division.

EFS handles weekly the following cargoes: broadcast; luxury domestic
audio equipment for top UK brands; UNHCR; Oil well & Offshore; Medical
supplies; Motorsport; Fine wine; Aircraft spares & many general cargoes.

This is just a pinch of what we do!

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...I find them an extremely professional company and a pleasure to work with...they always come up to my expectations. They work extremely hard to help their clients...
Jenny Tomsett - Bedfordshire Businesswomen of the Year 2008
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Coronavirus Update New HQ and warehouse Ordering Tramadol From Canada

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