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01252 513300
2017 Christmas opening hours & schedules
Friday, November 17th, 2017   Posted in:Cheap Tramadol Cod

The last day for standard export air freight collections is Wednesday 2oth December.*

For UK port timings please contact your customer service agent. For courier timings please see respective integrator website.

EFS will be open the following times over the Christmas break:-

FRI 22nd – open

SAT 23rd & SUN 24th –  CLOSED  ***no out of hours cover***

MON 25th & TUES 26th – CLOSED  (UK public holidays) ***no out of hours cover***

WEDS 27th to FRI 29th – HQ, Huntingdon & Grays OPEN. ***limited out of hours cover***

SAT 30th & SUN 31st – CLOSED ***no out of hours cover***

MON 1st –CLOSED (UK public holiday) ***no out of hours cover***

TUES 2nd – OPEN business as usual

*The week proceeding Xmas  is set to be as busy as ever for AIR exports, the cargo terminal has had its difficulties of late, please plan shipments accordingly, expect delays in this week and probable waiting time surcharges at the airline bonds due to the long queues. Book AM collections where possible for a surcharge to ensure your cargo is collected on the specified day without issues as road conditions deteriorate.

Between 27th December and 29th December, when open, EFS will have skeleton staff. Transport options will be extremely limited. Offices may close early at managers discretion.

Between 21st December and 2nd January all airfreight collections/deliveries will be by special vehicle only, POA.

To all EFS customers: thank you for your valued support and wishing you  a successful 2018!


Order Tramadol Online Cod 180

"...I find EFS an extremely professional company..."
David Harper CEO
Order Tramadol India

Coronavirus Update New HQ and warehouse Tramadol 200Mg Online

Buying Tramadol Thailand, Online Tramadol Cod Overnight