Sailing schedules up to Xmas 2020
Tuesday, October 6th, 2020   Posted in:News

Christmas will soon be upon us and the seasonal rush. UK southern ports currently have issues with low staffing levels and drivers are in short supply due to covid and european travel restrictions. Felixstowe is currently experiencing the worst problems.

EFS operates protected space LCL (groupage container) import services from across the Far East into the UK.

Last sailing schedules for realistic delivery before Xmas (for non haz FAK):


Vsl MSK EINDHOVEN clsg 9/11 , sails 13/11 , Eta 12/12 FELIXSTOWE


Vsl tbc – *** clsg 3/11 , sails 8/11 , Eta 11/12 SOUTHAMPTON

Vsl tbc – *** clsg 4/11 , sails 9/11 , Eta 10/12 FELIXSTOWE


Vsl OOCL JAPAN clsg 10/11 , sails 16/11 , Eta 11/12 FELIXSTOWE


Vsl OOCL JAPAN clsg 9/11 , sails 12/11 , Eta 11/12 FELIXSTOWE

Vsl EXUPERY clsg 9/11 , sails 14/11 , Eta 14/12 SOUTHAMPTON


Vsl SALAHUDDIN clsg 27/10 , sails 4/11 , Eta 14/12 SOUTHAMPTON


Call us to secure space and competitive rates, or for a copy of our full sailing schedule.

Sailing schedules can be seasonally affected by the weather and port congestion across Europe.

Vessel names and schedules subject to change without notice.

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