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About Us

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Executive Freight Services Ltd is situated along the M3 corridor, approximately 20 miles from the London Heathrow gateway and 49 miles from Southampton port to the South – a great location for a logistics hub for shipping and warehousing.

We also have representation at all major airports and seaports and a long list of transport and packaging suppliers.

We have contracts with the world’s largest international carriers that secure space for movements worldwide. We are big enough to give you market leading rates but small enough to care.

Our extensive network of agents and partners Worldwide allows our clients to benefit from a package tailored to their individual needs and service requirements whether by air, sea or road.

Our team has many years combined experience in the shipping industry between them and we are very passionate about our work: from the customs perspective through to airfreight, Logistics and warehousing. We are confident that your cargo is in professional hands when forwarded with Executive Freight Services Ltd.

Mission Statement:
“Our strong customer focus and dedicated team establish the belief that the customer is crucial to our future expansion and we will make sure the service chosen exceeds its expectations, optimising a clients logistical needs and adding value to their organisation”.
We were introduced to the superb Executive Freight team when our previous freight forwarder were unable to help us make air shipments of magnetic...
Richard Newlove MD
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Coronavirus Update New HQ and warehouse Order Tramadol Cod Overnight

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