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01252 513300

"We would like to thank you guys at EFS for yet again a really well done job looking after our shipping etc. on 'The Lennox Lewis Fight' in Jo'Burg. As usual you were very efficient, went that extra mile, supportive and always cheerful. Thanks and see you on the next challenge."

Henie Reynders MD
Dimension TV Facilities South Africa

"...I find EFS an extremely professional company and a pleasure to work with... they always come up to my expectations. They work extremely hard to help their clients..."

David Harper CEO
iSat Networks Ltd

We were introduced to the superb Executive Freight team when our previous freight forwarder were unable to help us make air shipments of magnetic parts. Ben and his team were not at all phased by the problem of shipping this category of hazardous material, and were fully able to explain the constraints and help us work through the process allowing us to make such shipments on a regular basis. EFS now handle all our freight, both export and import supply chain, with absolute precision. Their response times and incredibly friendly interaction and advice are second to none.

Richard Newlove MD
Amina Technologies Ltd

I have now been working with Ben and the team at Executive Freight since 2010. I find them an extremely professional company and a pleasure to work with. I give them many challenges along the way but they always come up to my expectations. They work extremely hard to help their clients, and turnaround of communication is quick despite sometimes the pressure they are under. If I have any issues I know that I can be very frank with them and they will listen to me and help to resolve them. They support me in Sea and Air Freight and also arranged an agent to help me with a distribution process overseas. I would highly recommend them to anyone I meet for the service and the friendliness that they offer to me as a client.

Jenny Tomsett - Bedfordshire Businesswomen of the Year 2008
JT Trans-Global Services

I use Executive Freight as my main Freight Forwarder. The whole team are very helpful whether it is organising an export or an import. They provide me with a very good service, whether it is a quote from Ben or shipping documents from Rob or Audrey. Rob has got me out of some sticky situation in the past with regards to imports and Carnet’s. I enjoy working with Executive Freight very much and would recommend them to other exporters and importers.

Karen Coningsby – Head of Shipping
Syrris Group, Royston, Herts (East of England outstanding exporter 2009)

The Extensive knowledge of Logistics business, makes EFS a truly valuable partner. With dedication and professionalism, EFS has been helping Cariongo to grow in the Angola Oil & Gas Market

E. Jorge Adriano / Technical Director /
Cariongo Samba Nambelo, Lda.

The fantastic friendly team at Executive freight have helped us out no end. I have sometimes saddled them with some seemingly impossible tasks and they have performed brilliantly at anything we have thrown at them.

Copytrax Technologies UK Limited

I have been using EFS for nearly 4 years and found the service and competitive rates to be exceptional, for all our time sensitive DDP install shipments worldwide to meet our install engineers. Any potential problems with overseas formalities are managed and resolved in a timely and professional manner.“

Sam Critchley
Export Key Account Manager, Knurr UK

We were introduced to the superb Executive Freight team when our previous freight forwarder were unable to help us make air shipments of magnetic...
Richard Newlove MD

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