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01252 513300
Warehousing, Logistics & Project Management

We have a fully functional 1900 square foot transit warehouse at our Farnborough facility with racks, forklift, scales and on site packaging and shrink wrapping facilities. (See attached tariff under downloads as PDF).

We can arrange hazardous goods packaging or export case making as required to prevent potential damage to your valuable cargo.

We are not only a forwarding agent but through our and our partners facilities we are a global service provider in the logistics chain.

We can arrange your import into the UK from ex works overseas – on a permanent or temporary basis, provide storage, pick and pack and redistribution worldwide.

Let us manage the supply chain for you and provide a tailor made service.

...I find them an extremely professional company and a pleasure to work with...they always come up to my expectations. They work extremely hard to help their clients...
Jenny Tomsett - Bedfordshire Businesswomen of the Year 2008

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