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Monday, August 15th, 2011   Posted in:News

Several of the EFS team are broadcast specialists, dealing with some leading broadcast equipment suppliers based in the UK and elsewhere.
For some customers the team deal with simple exports and imports, either permanent sales or hire and return shipments. For other clients, the work involves clearance under IPR (Inward Processing Relief), duty and VAT suspended, due to the type of businesses that are involved.
In this instance, the team also get involved in assisting shipper’s with the paper trail required to facilitate IPR movements, and are virtually on first name terms with NIRU (Northern Ireland Revenue Unit – HMRCs IPR office).

Typically the transport involves air freight world-wide, however moving fully completed outside broadcast vehicles (OB Vans) occurs by Ro/Ro ocean freight (Roll On / Roll Off), and in some cases such as over the last world cup in South Africa, On Board Couriers are arranged for more critical shipments (staff hand carry items as passengers to destination). EFS has even chartered air craft for specific contracts, and also arranges crosstrade movements such as shipping goods from Hong Kong to India or, for example, consolidating in Dubai free zone for air freighting to Rwanda.

The type of kit moved can be anything from a carton with camera lenses in it, to digital cameras through to satellite dishes and or course OB vehicles. Some bigger projects that are looming include shipping three OB vehicles to Lagos, Nigeria next month and in October two fully kitted out OB Trailers shipping by road freight to Ankara, Turkey. This latter contract has involved a visit to Turkey to smooth over the clearance by Rob Mitchell (MD). Additional documents such as an ATR customs document (specific to Turkey) are also to be arranged through our nominated consular specialist.

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I have been using EFS for nearly 4 years and found the service and competitive rates to be exceptional
Sam Critchley
  • EFS exports landing gear for a C-130 Hercules

    EFS has recently shipped a C130 Hercules nose landing gear under tight time constraints to Montreal airport. Due to the height of the packed cargo it required a freighter aircraft solution as well as additional screening being too big to fit a conventional xray machine. The customs entry required compliance to an export licence.

  • European export customs clearance services : EFS customs brokerage dept

    from the EFS customs brokerage dept formed in December 2020 European export customs clearance services. Executive Freight Services Limited can offer you the following services in support of your exports from the United Kingdom to Europe. · Full documentation check of shipper’s paperwork. · Export EORI number verification. · Export customs declaration submission at all UK ports. · Handling of special customs procedures, such as: o Temporary exports o Re-exports of goods under Inward Processing o Outward Processing o ATA Carnets o CITES permits. o SIEL / OIEL / OGEL export licences · T1 Transit documents raised with UK Customs. · T1 Transit documents for groupage loads. · Vehicle booking at your chosen Inland Border Facility (IBF) for the vehicle to collect the original T1 within a planned 6-hour time frame. · Northern Ireland declarations. We can also provide you with European import customs clearance through our network of hand-picked partners in each European country, should the importer not have an already appointed broker. You can contact our European export customs clearance team as follows. Email: EUexports@executivefreightservices.co.uk Tel: +44 (0) 1252 531350

  • EFS customs brokerage dept issues over 100 T1’s (TADS) in January 2021 wks 2,3,4

    In house customs brokerage dept for EFS raised over 100 T1’s (transit guarantees) and EAD’s (export entries) in weeks 2 to 4 of January 2021 for EU exports.   EFS has facilities at all major UK ro-ro ports as well as an EU network of customs offices to discharge T1s and provide clearance solutions. Keeping UK exports moving. Of course EFS can also discharge T1’s for inbound imports through Dover and customs clear shipments.

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