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Friday, May 18th, 2012   Posted in:News

As detailed in the news item on 8th November, EFS talked about finding itself the right partner to handle some business it was tendering at the time: moving rally cars and kit around the world for the WRC (World Rally Cup) and in particular to New Zealand.

Already this year, EFS has moved cars and kit for a team to both the Mexico and Argentinian WRC legs by air and sea freight. The movements travel on ATA CARNETS for customs presentation and shipments naturally are time sensitive between events working to very tight deadlines.

The handling requirements for moving cars by air freight are also quite specialised: such as lowering the vehicle onto travel wheels so it will fit a passenger aircraft belly hold; taking the bumpers off to lower the length so again it will fit snugly onto an aircraft ULD (unit load device) for ease of loading and acceptance; screening the cargo using sniffer dogs; reducing fuel in the petrol tank to the correct level and preparing the correct dangerous good declaration.

Knowing how to handle the vehicles, whilst physically presenting CARNETS to customs to get the clearance green light and sticking to the flight deadline is again an example of precise logistics.

EFS is pleased to announce that we will be sending the next consignment to New Zealand shortly with staff flying out to supervise the local handling with our preferred partner and be available for the team during the event. This will involve coordinated work with New Zealand’s MAFF due to the stringent protocols around vehicles (especially used Rally vehicles).





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