Documentation and Insurance

Insurance is available for client’s shipments to offer a full comprehensive cover using our approved list of underwriters.

Besides customs advice and declaring & clearing your export with customs under the New Export System (NES), we are fully versed in the following:

  • Letter of credit documentation
  • Arranging/advising Certificates of Origin where applicable
  • Arranging/advising Legalisation of invoice where required
  • Arranging/advising labelling requirements where required
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  • The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is coming. Prepare your business now!

    The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is coming. Prepare your business now! The Government are changing the system that handles all of the customs declarations submitted in the United Kingdom. CHIEF – The current system for processing import and export customs declarations is being replaced by the new, Customs Declaration Service (CDS). The Customs Declaration Service is a modern platform designed to handle the increased volume of declarations being made. The system also allows flexibility for future development and for it to become to grow in line with the Government’s plan to have the most efficient customs system in the world. When are these changes happening? The migration from CHIEF to CDS is happening in two phases, however you need to be prepared as soon as possible to ensure you are still able to declare your goods to customs. Phase one – Imports: After the 30th September 2022, the ability to make import declarations in the CHIEF system will end.  Phase two – Exports: After the 31st March 2023, the ability to make export declarations in the CHIEF system will end. These dates are a deadline, and here at Executive Freight Services, we are preparing to move across to the CDS platform as soon as possible, for all declarations once our customers are prepared. Why should you prepare your business now? If you are not prepared for the switch over in advance of the 1st October, then you will not be able to import any goods to the United Kingdom. By not preparing in time, any goods that you have arrive at any UK port, will not be able to be processed for clearance. You will then be liable for the storage and additional charges that may be incurred until you are prepared. Your CDS preparation Checklist. Register for a Government Gateway Account. You may already have a Government Gateway account to access your personal or business tax account. You should use this to access the Customs Declaration Service. If you do not have a Government Gateway account, you can register for one by visiting Make sure you have a valid EORI number. Most businesses will already have an EORI number if they move goods in or out of the UK. If you have an EORI number already, great. You can check it’s validity here. If you need to apply for an EORI number, then you can do so here.  Register for the Customs Declaration Service You will need to register for the Customs Declaration Service, before we can make declarations on your behalf. HMRC Guidance says this can take up to 5 days to be completed, so don’t delay! To register for CDS, please go to You’ll need the following information in order to complete the registration. Your Government Gateway user ID and password Your EORI number Your UTR number – Unique Tax Reference Number – You can find this on any HMRC payment reminders, or in your tax account. The address held by HMRC for your business. The date you started your business. For private individuals or sole traders, your National Insurance Number. Once you have received confirmation from HMRC that you have access to CDS, please let us know so we can update our records and begin moving your declarations to the CDS system. You can use our dedicated email address Methods of Payment Below is a summary of the different methods of payment available in CDS. There is no preferential method of payment, your choice should be based on what suits your business and the specific import accordingly. Postponed VAT accounting (PVA) – If you are registered for VAT in the UK, you can use PVA for the payment of VAT on imports to the United Kingdom. Cash Account – You can deposit funds into your account in advance of goods arriving, and use them at the time of declaration to pay the applicable VAT and duty, where applicable. The cash account replaces FAS, from the CHIEF system. When you register for CDS, you will automatically be issued with a cash account. Duty Deferment account – With a duty deferment account, you can defer the payment of duty and VAT at the time of declaration. Payment of the deferred amount would then be required the following month. If you already have a deferment account, you will need to set up a new Direct Debit, as CDS uses a separate HMRC bank account to CHIEF. Immediate payment – Payment direct to the CDS bank account at the time of declaration, using the reference generated from the submission. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash or corporate credit card. Individual guarantee ­– You can use an individual guarantee to cover customs duties for one-off imports with a high value. Find out more at General guarantee account – This allows you to provide multiple guarantees from the same account, allowing you to continue importing goods to the UK and pay a disputed amount later once agreed. Find out more at You will need to give authorisation to us to use your preferred method of payment(s). This can be done through your financial dashboard on the portal.

  • European export customs clearance services : EFS customs brokerage dept

    European export customs clearance services.     Executive Freight Services Limited are pleased to offer you the following services, to facilitate the transport of your goods between the UK and EU.   Export Customs Declarations. Transit Documents Port Pass including GVMS EU customs clearance   As part of this service, we offer and include the following:   Full documentation check of the shipper’s paperwork. Export EORI number verification. Export customs declaration submission available at all UK ports. Handling of special customs procedures, such as: Temporary exports and re-exports of goods under Inward Processing Outward Processing ATA Carnets CITES permits. SIEL / OIEL / OGEL export licences T1 Transit documents raised with UK Customs. Vehicle booking at your chosen Inland Border Facility (IBF) for the vehicle to collect the original T1 within a planned 6-hour time frame. ENS declarations for shipment to the Republic of Ireland. EXS declarations for vehicles leaving the UK, when required. Port pass services including GVMS   We can also provide you with European import customs clearance through our network of hand-picked partners in each European country, should the importer not have an already appointed broker.     Do you need the transport to be arranged to? Why not ask us for a quote? Our network of UK and European carriers means we can offer you the vehicle you need, at the price you want.   You can contact our European export customs clearance team as follows.   Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1252 531350

  • 2021 Christmas opening hours & service schedules.

    EFS will be open the following times over the Christmas break:- Day Date Company Hours Thursday 23/12/2021 Normal Working Hours Friday 24/12/2021 Close at 2pm Saturday 25/12/2021 CLOSED Sunday 26/12/2021 CLOSED Monday 27/12/2021 CLOSED Tuesday 28/12/2021 CLOSED Wednesday 29/12/2021 Normal Working Hours Thursday 30/12/2021 Normal Working Hours Friday 31/12/2021 Close at 2pm Saturday 01/01/2022 CLOSED Sunday 02/01/2022 CLOSED Monday 03/01/2021 CLOSED Tuesday 04/01/2021 Normal Working Hours   Kindly note no out of hours coverage will be provided over this period. The last day for standard export air freight collections & airline deliveries is Friday 17th December.* For UK port timings please contact your customer service agent. Driver shortages persist for container deliveries, also many lines will still not allow restitution of empties at port of arrival Felixstowe and Gateway.   For courier timings please see respective integrator website. European road groupage hauliers last collections for export deliveries the week of Christmas day (subject to recipient timings) are typically:- Near Europe (Benelux, Germany, France, Denmark) Wednesday 15th ; Eastern Europe (Finland, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Baltics, Croatia etc) Thursday 9th. Due to the limitations imposed on us by our transit guarantor, Transit Documents (T1) will not be available after 1200 GMT on the 24th and 31st of December. All other business days will operate as normal, in accordance with our published opening hours above. *Covid capacity issues aside, we are in peak season, the cargo warehouses have manpower difficulties against high workload, the largest airfreight groupage trucker on the airport asks for a minimum of 48hours to RHD and screen cargo for onward delivery to airlines – please plan shipments accordingly, expect delays and probable waiting time surcharges at the airline bonds due to the long queues. Book AM collections where possible for a surcharge to ensure your cargo is collected on the specified day without issues as road conditions deteriorate. Between 29th December and 31st December, when open, EFS will have skeleton staff. Transport options will be extremely limited. Between 20th December and 4th January all airfreight export collections / import deliveries will be by special vehicle only, POA. To all EFS customers: Festive Greetings, thank you for your valued support in 2021 and wishing you a successful 2021! WISHING YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR – from The EFS leadership team

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